There’s a lot of talk going on about pleasure these days – living, losing weight and working avec pleasure!

I’m all for it. In fact, my business is based on a pleasurable business model. I personally lost weight through pleasure, and my mantra for living is: i iif it’s not pleasurable, I don’t do it.

However, there needs to be some clearing up around this term “pleasure” because I think it’s being confused with the word “easy.” They are very, very different!

When some clients first start working with me, they want to know, “What’s your secret?”

Because I talk a lot about pleasure, women believe that I may have an approach that involves only bubble baths and bon-bons. They want the process to creating their most fabulous self to be easy, a bottled magic potion that I can sprinkle over them and, voila, the woman they’ve always wanted to be suddenly appears.

They quickly discover, that’s not what I’m about, and that it’s not so easy. I’d be lying if I said it was. In fact, looking back over my own success and continued growth, it’s freakin’ hard!


The real beauty of success is in the effort. It’s the daily mastery of the simple things, like learning to value who you are, taking the time to nourish yourself, caring enough to put some lipstick on, making the difficult call and going for a walk even when you don’t feel like it.

Real pleasure comes from taking the time to cook a delicious meal from the ingredients that you picked up at your local farmers market while catching up with your neighbors, not the “ease” of swinging through the drive-through and rushing through another meal. It’s the feeling you get when you sit down and write, instead of the “ease” of procrastinating.

True pleasure makes you feel more alive, not full of guilt and shame, and it’s rarely found in the comfort zone or the easy road. It’s always found when you allow your higher self to run your life, not your inner two year old.

I was recently reminded of this when my husband and I decided to hike up to Eze Village, which sits on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Before starting the hike, I saw a bus that was loading up passengers to take them to the top. I briefly had the thought, “Oh, that would be so much easier,” and ten years ago, my butt would have been in that bus. But…

I wouldn’t have seen the beautiful flowers blooming on the path.

I wouldn’t have seen the view from path down to the sea.

I wouldn’t have had the time to talk with Jeff about our kids, life and dreams.i

I wouldn’t have overcome my internal battle of whether I could make it.

I wouldn’t have had felt the sense of accomplishment when I finally reached the top.

I wouldn’t have had the hearty appetite to really enjoy my lunch.

The beauty was in the journey of climbing to the top, not the top itself.

So, the next time you are tempted to take a weight loss pill, bite into a cookie to numb out or take the bus to the top of the mountain, remember that a pleasurable life is found in the person you become through the effort and hard work of creating your most beautiful life.

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