“Success” is a concept not often associated with law. Success has too many variables. Success is dependent on luck or fate or conditions beyond control. Not so, says Paramahansa Yogananda. Success is as reliable as gravity for the individual who understands and applies the law.

Given t phe same conditions, physical laws are considered universal and invariable. Everyone experiences the phenomenon’s of gravity or motion or energy whether or not they understand the full functioning of the law. Mastery of the law however, knowing with complete certainty the means to realize a specific outcome, confers immense advantage.

Seek God first, writes Paramahansa Yogananda in his succinct (24 pages) “The Law of Success”. Confirm contact, then align yourself with divine will. If it be divine will all things – wisdom, abundance, health – will be bestowed upon you. Your task in life is to discern and act in accordance with God’s will. Doing so invariable leads to success.

Paramahansa Yogananda, an Indian yogi, lived his last 30 years in the United States. He possessed an uncanny ability to adapt and merge the ancient principles of his profound Hindu faith with modern American Christianity. Exhibiting a quick wit and jubilant spirit he reconciled truths for countless seekers to achieve self-realization.

Every person possesses and is wholly responsible for two powers: thought and will. Applying those powers correctly is the key to creating a fulfilling, successful life.

“Will power is the spring of all your actions.” Action is the energizing of will and thought. You can control your destiny through your thoughts. As success must serve, that is advance life, you must discipline your habits of thought to constructive purposes. Ultimately your objective must be to tune your intentions and your thoughts to the will of God.

“Fear exhausts life energy.” To overcome fear and every other obstacle with courage and faith, keep your consciousness on God. Meditate, pray, focus. These are the means to reinforce the habits of success. If you fail, redouble your efforts. Analyze what went wrong, but always try once more. Never quit. Transfer your attention from failure to success and you will grow.

See the image and likeness of God in all people. When you intend to condemn or criticize others turn inward and examine yourself. “Habits of thought control one’s life.” Form right habits as good habits nourish spiritual aspirations and set you free.

Maintain a consciousness of abundance. All power lies with the divine will, all spiritual and material gifts flow from that boundless source. Eradicate thoughts of limitation and poverty.

Do not will or act first, rather seek God. Sit quietly, calm your senses and release your thoughts. An exact focus will allow God’s intention to reach you. When you discern God’s will act in accordance with it. Fulfill you dominant purpose – your role in this life.n

Success is measured by happiness. “Existence becomes futile if you cannot find happiness. When wealth is lost, you have lost little; when health is lost, you have lost something of more consequence; but when peace of mind is lost, you have lost the highest treasure.” And peace of mind is the result of aligning your purpose to divine will. Happiness depends chiefly on your mental attitude. Determine to be happy.

Think, will, and act guided by divine spirit. The power is yours, use it to attain health, happiness and peace. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Understand and apply the law of success to live a full and fulfilling life!

Scott F. Paradis, author of “Promise and Potential: A Life of Wisdom, Courage, Strength and Will” http://www.promiseandpotential.com publishes “Insights” available for free at http://www.c-achieve.com.

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