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English: A white lotus flower in Zhizuyuan Park in Beijing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Learning Mechanism for the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat. This is in my own words, a structured approach to learning content in a way which enables the same level of depth of understanding as had by the system’s founder. This process of learning is very in-depth, but also very complete. People who are not exposed to the system may not understand why it would be important to have a complete level of understanding in any particular aspect of the system’s course. Essentially, the idea around having a complete level of understanding is something which removes doubt about the subject matter in question, in a very real way.

Stepping away from a martial arts subject matter, and applying the same concept to any other subject yields the same question. Why would you want a complete level of understanding in your subject matter? The answer is the same, to remove any doubt you may have. This may not always dawn on people as to why this would be important, but perhaps when you apply a level of duress to your job, such as the risk of personal safety or the safety of others… the removal of doubt would be a critical component to your success.

Would you want an EMS worker stumbling over how to use the defibrillator? What about a doctor not knowing which side to cut open to get at your liver? Or how about a person who disarms bombs? I think knowing the different components, and different combination’s of those components would be really important before they go ahead and cut that wire.

Well when you’re life is on the line, doubts are not something you want surfacing. It is for this reason, and this reason alone that an in-depth learning mechanism was created by the White Lotus System‘s founder. This learning process ensures that the same mental states of certainty, and emotional security are replicated to others wanting to acquire the same level of skill. To learn more, visit www.whitelotuscombatsystem.com.


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