The Life Purpose Calculator on Author Dan Millman‘s website is very interesting indeed.  This tool calculates your life purpose numbers based on Eastern Numerology principles, as outlined in his incredibly interesting book “The Life You Where Born To Live.”

As with all things we discover on our way to greater awareness, we must take it with a grain of salt.  Does it represent the “End All, and Be All” of our purpose here in this world?  Of course not, yet it does offer an insightful filter by which we can look at our current challenges in life, and begin to understand them in a new way.

The more interesting and fun part is actually obtaining the “readings” from your friends and families and seeing how well they match up.  The scary thing, is in many cases, they explained certain behaviours down to a tee.  But try it for yourself, all you need is a birthday!

Try out the Calculator Here:

Robert Graham

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