Never Giving Up


Never-give-upThe attitude of never giving up is one often talked about but rarely seen. I really believe that we can only do our best and if we are always striving for our best we can feel good about ourselves. The prerequisite of the never giving up mentality is actually having a desire and destination that you find worth achieving. If you don’t get juiced up and motivated by the end goal it will simply be too easy to rationalize all the reasons why should just give up and avoid taking action.

I bet you have heard the saying “Just do what you love and you will be successful no matter what”, I believe that statement to be a fact for the sole reason that when you do something you love you normally won’t quit and will push yourself as hard as you can as it doesn’t actually feel like work but rather enjoyment.

never_give_up_by_retrodiva3-d3c35hkOnce you have decided on the goal you want and that word right there really is the key, decision. Decision is actually a very old latin word that means to cut off. When you decide on something you need to cut off all other possibilities, the only viable option is reaching that given goal and pushing as hard as you can until you do. Giving up is not only not an option, it doesn’t even cross your mind because you are constantly focusing on your goal and how to get there.

Giving up also has to do with permission and what you accept from yourself. Remember that giving up on something you want to achieve is the only real failure in life as you will have a very uncomfortable feeling deep down inside, a feeling that is telling you that you should have just pushed on until you had reached that given goal.

A lot of times people stop pushing for their goals just inches before the real progress actually happens and they achieve either part of or the total end result. Unfortunately by giving up you never see how far or close you were from your goal and you will always have that nagging feeling of “What if?“.

Decide on a given goal and tell yourself that you will never ever stop until you have reached that given goal. Don’t settle for less than you know you deserve in life, you will not forgive yourself for it, ever.

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