There are many nations around the world that lack the infrastructure needed to grow. In these areas, the most common occupation for people is farming or raising animals. Any economic growth is usually stifled by a lack of technology.

One of the best ways for nations to take the next step economically is to get access to the internet. Even with poor infrastructure, there are ways for people to access the internet in these areas. In most cases, it is only the wealthy people who have online access. The good news is that leaders of various nations are starting to see the value of investing in internet access, which can make a huge difference in the economic growth of a poor nation.


Online lending is an industry that has exploded with growth over the past few years. This is a great way for people to start a business or invest in their future. There are many people in poor nations who have a dream to start their own business. In many cases, they do not need a lot of capital to get started. A small loan can literally change an entire community. Without the internet, it is difficult to lend money and track who pays it back. The banking systems are generally not sophisticated enough to work with customers on a business loan in a remote 

There are some people in wealthy nations who lend money to people in developing nations to help them start a company. This is a great way for people to put their money to use around the world. There are now education programs that people can pay for as well. There are brilliant students throughout the world who simply do not have the money to go to college. With these online lending programs, you can donate money to a child who wants to attend school. This can make a huge difference in the overall direction of the economy.


Another huge benefit of the internet is open communication with others. Not only does this help in times of crisis, but it also helps people plan for the future. Communication with other people is one of the most powerful ways that a person can learn and grow.

Many societies are not developed simply because they do not have contact with the outside world. Although there are some people who want to remain remote, there are other tribes and nations that want to advance in the future. There are numerous leaders in Africa who have a plan to become industrialized and have a great economy. With all of the natural resources in this area, there are various opportunities for economic growth to happen with the right technology. In the coming years, many world leaders expect that several African nations will have high levels of economic growth and development.

Building Infrastructure

In order to help people get access to the internet, powerful infrastructure is needed. In developing nations, there are simply is enough capital to pay for these changes. In fact, a lot of people live in areas without access to clean drinking water or other basic provisions.

VSAT technology is a great way for people to get access to the internet. Instead of using traditional internet, a VSAT internet connection requires that a person have a terminal to connect to an outside antenna and transceiver, which can then connect to the internet. There are numerous tribes throughout the world that now have access to the internet due to this technology. A great amount of work continues to be invested in this type of technology in order to provide faster, higher quality internet. Surely VSAT internet technology will play a huge role in the future of a globally accessible internet.

In the coming years, more people than ever before will have access to the internet. This should result in numerous changes throughout the world. Not only will it help increase economic growth, but it should allow more people to start companies and go to school.

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