Slow And Steady – The Route to Success


tortoise-and-hareIn our society there are many things to be said about the way in which we’ve progressed in terms of culture and more so in terms of technology but one of the outstanding features seen through out the world is the need for ‘instant gratification‘.

This can be attributed to many things but the main reason in my opinion is that due to the advances in technology that I mentioned earlier things can be done much faster than before.

What this has resulted in is people sprinting toward their goals and if they aren’t achieved in record time then they are either disappointed in the results or quite simply give up half way.

The truth is though that even with all of the technological advances that we have achieved things still do take time to be completed. This is especially true for people who have dreams that are both intricate and large in scope.

When Mark Wahlberg and his manager set out more than a decade ago to turn him from a rapper who was more inclined to drop his trousers than talk to the media about anything into the superstar actor/producer that he is now they said that they knew it was going to be ‘a marathon not a sprint’. Now when we look at his career it is plain to see that their approach of treating his rise to prominence with a steady hand was the right way to go.

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President Barack Obama and Warren Buffett in the Oval Office, July 14, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Warren Buffet who is one of the greatest investors in history started out with $100,000 (most of it borrowed) and now commands a company that has more than $283 billion in assets. This feat though took him longer than half a century therefore we can see in his case as well that he adopted a method that was both slow and steady.

When approaching your dreams or goals it may seem like the fastest way is the best because after all your dreams are things that you want as soon as possible. The main issue with approaching your goals or aspirations in this manner is that you will tend to make mistakes. We all have experienced the sensation of believing we are late for an appointment and then beginning to rush our preparations for it. Leaving the house we might find that we left the keys to the car on the dresser table or that in our haste we put on a shirt or blouse that was in fact meant to be in the laundry. All of this because we acted in haste.

The same happens very easily with goals because the second that you start to try to find the fastest method to do something then you begin to overlook crucial factors that will lead to your success.

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If you are in such a position then the first thing I would like to ask you to do is calm down for a moment. The fact that you are pursuing your dreams with the enthusiasm that you are should be proof enough that you are going to achieve them so running after them at the break neck pace you are is going to lead to challenges you could avoid.

The best way to adopt the slow and steady approach is firstly by making a list of all the things you need to accomplish to achieve your dream including those that you have already achieved. What this will do is show you that even though at times it may not feel like it you ARE making progress.

Next what you should do is look at those parts that are yet to be completed and break them up into smaller bite sized sections that you can deal with one day at a time or a couple of days at a time.

After that list all of those things that you are going to approach with the easiest first and the hardest last then begin to work through them in that order. Every little bit that you achieve will further reinforce that your dreams are going to be realized and as you continue step by step you will see your list get smaller and smaller. Before you know it you’ll look around you and suddenly your dreams have become your reality.

You really do have all the time in the world all you have to do is learn how to use it.

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