Americans are always looking for the next best weight loss or get healthy product. Sometimes the idea of just taking a pill to try and fix the problem, rather than doing the work of eating healthy and exercising sounds more appealing. However, the company Le-vel Thrive offers an option that is a healthy mix between changing to a healthier lifestyle, and drinking shakes and taking a pill to help improve your body as well as lose weight. In 2020, thrive will be coming out with some new products, read about a few of the new 2020 products coming to market.

What is Thrive?

Thrive is basically a three step process to improve your health and well being. By conjoining capsules, shake mixes and DFT, Thrive attempts to create the perfect storm of supplements to improve your health and well being. The company is a relatively new company, but has taken the health and wellness industry by storm and has come out on top with most peoples reviews being positive. The system starts with an eight week regimen followed by a forever of maintenance. It is the perfect option for someone looking for a different way to lose weight.

The Capsules

First of all, is the capsules. There are many options of capsules that can be taken to form fit to whatever your need is whether it is weight loss or just to strengthen your body and mind. The capsules are filled with premium grade nutrients and supplements that are all natural, organic and overall better for your health. The capsules work with your body to support weight management, healthy joints, lean muscle and immune system support. These capsules are the perfect addition to the three step process to support an overall healthier you. Check them out today.

The Shake

Next in the three step process is the Thrive Shake. It comes in four flavors so there is sure to be an option that you like. It works together with your body to support lean muscle mass and provide support to your mind and body. Along with that, the shake is gluten free and all natural. The biggest claim that the Thrive shake says differentiates it from others is that it is ultra micronized meaning that it works on such a small level that it can affect and improve even the smallest cells in your body. Check out the Thrive shake options today.

The DFT Technology

The last piece of the thrive system is the DFT technology which is really just fancy words for a patch. This patch is part of what brings all the pieces together. The patch comes in many different options from just general health and wellness, to immune boost, to help quit smoking and other bad habits. Utilizing dermafusion technology and 2.0 delivery support the patch offers perfect nutritional support for appetite and weight management. When taken in conjunction with the other two pieces of the puzzle, Thrive can be a great option for improving your wellness and helping you lose weight.


In the end, in this era of endless options for health and wellness products, the Thrive company offers a perfect trifecta option for improving your health. If your goal is just weight management or weight loss, Thrive has the perfect options for you. Thrive also offers the option of becoming a seller of Thrive products and can offer you a great discount if you choose to sell thrive as well. Thrive offers a perfect three step process to help you or anyone else looking to get healthier, skinnier and happier today. Check them out!


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