The Power Of Thoughts
by: Inspiring thoughts

Over the centuries people have always sought for inspiration wisdom and guidance.

Religions where born, prophets were respected and all sort of Wiseman flourished in any civilization. Wisdom was a treasure and it brought comfort to millions of souls all over the world.

Many inspirational quotes made their way into to the canons of History. Anyone remembers: “To be or not to be” By Shakespeare, or the also famous “Carpe Diem” by the roman poet Horace. Besides these examples in our personal life we all have one or two favorite sentences memorized that reflect our personality and a particular philosophy towards life.

Still in this new world always changing, is there any room for reflection? Can words bring comfort and move our souls? Shouldn’t we just live the moment and forget anything else buried in the past?

We can try, but in reality the transforming and adapting way of the human mind will need to call for some council and for some inspiration that only words can give. The world may be digital, but our eyes will always open the window to our souls. A single sentence can enter as fast as an image and so very deeply that it will never be ignored.

Reflecting on the past and drinking knowledge from it is a way to bring light to the future. Many of today’s chronicles reflecting the present are another way to enlighten the future and they can bring some insight to one’s life.

The greater question is choice, as always. In life that’s the engine of being conscious and aware. So many people proclaim themselves as truth bringers and promise you everything. This is personal, no one can answer for you or choose your path, I say be bias.

Choose love not hate, choose passion not loneliness, and choose to be a positive person not a negative one. Do, be, give, make something extraordinary out of your life.

Bad thoughts give way to bad actions; never accept hate and ignorance; drink as much knowledge as you can. Read a thousand poems and take a glance at a million books, become a free thinker and inspire others to be themselves and no one else.


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