Don’t Let Obstacles Stop You!


the-necessity-of-obstacles-part-2Many of the goals you set will be met by obstacles. When I was a teenager my mother would tell me, “Nothing worth having is going to be easy to achieve.” It wasn’t until I was well into my 20’s that I had an appreciation for her statement. I started to see that without obstacles, achieving your goals would be as mundane as watching television or picking up your dry-cleaning.

Although obstacles can be frustrating, without them life would be dull and boring without any excitement, drive, or motivation.

I pray that this week’s article will inspire you to keep fighting when your obstacles are trying to knock you out!

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan

MJ is my favorite athlete of all-time (I love Jordan Brand shoes and apparel, too. But, I digress!). He has said quite a few things over the years that have inspired me. But, this quote is right on time.

I, along with several friends, have some daunting challenges ahead. Both my father and sister are dealing with illness other physical ailments. A few friends are going through tough times financially. Some once-strong relationships have turned for the worse. Others are having struggles in school or at work.

Obstacles are similar to mountains. They can be small, relatively easy to climb, and defeatable. Others are huge, hard to climb, and seemingly insurmountable. Either way, you have to create a plan to get over or around that mountain. Have you stopped and thought about what your plan will be?

When we’re confronted by obstacles, sometimes the only thing we can think of is how difficult they are. The great teacher and philosopher, Dr. Wayne Dyer often says that when we want to accomplish something we should, “Think from the end.” We should see ourselves as if we already have what we want.

So, this is the image I want you to have in your mind: climbing up the mountain and raising your fists victoriously at the summit!

Bad stuff is going to happen to us. We’re going to have setbacks in life. When this occurs we are given choices: We can give up and fold under the pressure. We can look to others for help. Or we can look to ourselves and our Creator for strength, protection, and guidance. Never for one second think that you are powerless!

Claim your victory!

You are brilliant and you have the answers to your problems within!

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