Personal Development and Growth
by: Terje Brooks Ellingsen

Why does personal development and growth seem so difficult? It’s all about change. And change is difficult. Thus, in a positive change management program the first thing you have to work with is your resistance against change. Many people think that in order to change their life or grow as a human being, all they need to do is set goals, make some plans, manage their time better, say an affirmation or two from time to time, become more disciplined, work with a daily planner and a goal minder. Unfortunately this is completely wrong and will only cause you more grief and distance you from your real goals.

There are lots of self declared gurus on the internet as well as in the book stores who want you to follow such rigid routines and they are not actually interested in helping you but want you to continue following them so that you become dependent on them and thus, be able to use you as a predictable source of income. I will not recommend that you follow these charlatans. Instead think for yourself and try to come up with something that can put you on the right track for the change in your life that you try to accomplish. You don’t need to receive fish from other people. What you need is to learn fishing, so that you don’t have to depend on anyone but yourself to obtain your goals for the rest of your life.

Thinking RFID
Thinking RFID (Photo credit: @boetter)

You already have the power inside you to create whatever you want in business, your career and in your relationships. You only need a kick so that you can unleash this power and give yourself clarity and vision in your life so that you can live your dreams as you complete your ambitions, whatever they are. There are in fact many powerful techniques to quiet your mind and develop your instincts or intuition, while at the same time eliminating stress and enjoying greater fulfillment in every aspect of your life. When you start to master these aspects, you will accomplish goals you never dreamed possible.


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