Developing Self Awareness For Massive Change
by: Andy Sullivan

Self-awareness is the biggest challenge of personal development. You need to think about your strengths as resources for you to draw upon at will and use for your advantage. Through self-awareness you find out more about the type of behaviours that are beneficial, such as being a better organiser or public speaker, and then incorporate them into your personality. The more you incorporate these positive attributes in to your personality, the more likely you are to carve out a unique style of positive behaviours.

Developing your own unique style is the key to becoming your best self. Think for a moment about the style you created for yourself when you were a young child, unafraid to try new things, because the mindset of a child is one of intuition and exploration. Before they started living in houses, cities and towns, human beings relied on a combination of intuition and collective experience. Since the industrial revolution, people have become far more reliant on standardised forms of learning. It is no coincidence that a big majority of successful entrepreneurs have had mediocre academic records. This type of person retains the indomitable spirit of the child into their adult years.

As we get older, we become more timid in the face of new challenges. Fear of failure results in paralysis and rut forming behaviours. Imagine if you could feel able to tackle anything and everything? Picture yourself with loads of things you are really good at, new talents, new skills, new approaches to tackling problems, and then harness this desire into positive energy.

Remember, there are many things you can do than those you can’t. The things you can’t do are often skills that you have not mastered or not had the confidence to take on. You should try to focus on the positive and unique qualities that you possess and that you plan to add to. Put yourself in the driving seat of your life.

Aside from being a good way to boost your confidence, taking a close look at the times in your life when your achieved great results. What you need to focus on is any event that turned out the way you wanted it too.

As well as learning skills and talents, competency is very important for carrying out your behaviours to their fullest potential. If you are lacking in a certain skill, your compentency for learning quickly will compensate for this. Try not to dwell too much on your shortcomings if this is bringing you down. If you spend your time thinking about possible threats then in all likeliness you will develop an unwanted habit of negative thoughts entering your mind. Make sure you treat your mind with the respect that it deserves. If you get the basics right, there will be rewards to reap afterwards. By not sleeping well you may increase the chances of you being generally inactive; further inactivity leads to insomnia. The benefit of understanding the system of emotion is that you are presented with an opportunity to make necessary changes. Just changing one part of the system makes changing the other things easier

Have you noticed how easily you fall into the trap of the comfort zone? You may, for example, always try to take the same seat on the bus. Maybe you have a certain routine for getting out of the house in the morning and feel anxious when whenever that gets disrupted. Life can often be so chaotic that, whether we realise it or not, we look for familiarity in patterns of behaviour. Following patterns of behaviour is a very effective strategy for dealing with occasions when you feel under stress or pressure to make snap decisions on important but unfamiliar territory.

We adopt behaviours like we adopt certain comfort foods. Sometimes our behaviours are part of out genetic heritage. Understanding your values and beliefs are critical to understanding your motivations. If you come from a background of hard workers, the chances are that you have had a strong work ethic engrained in you since a child. Of course, it is not always immediately clear for all of us to know who we are or what we like doing.


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