By Andrew Hand

I would like to share with you a new way of thinking, a way of watching your mind and learning how to hold it under your control and exert Ninja like mastery in your daily life.

Of all the experiences we have in life and the paths we find ourselves traveling, none is of more importance than the human mind. It is the road map for where we have been and where we are going. Without taking precise control of this mind, it is as though one is wandering the desert and hoping to happen upon an oasis to re-plensish, re-build and nurture the self, only to return to wandering the desert again, moving further and further along the dunes of life.


This would seem like madness, and yet it is exactly where we find ourselves to be. Occasionally, you may get a glimpse of your thoughts in action and perhaps you then feel an identification with them or an alienation from them. At times the voice can seem to say things in argument, and sometimes this voice will be a voice of affirmation. What is missing from this example is the state where the voice stands still, where it is observed even before it becomes an internal thought.

This technique or ability to be the observer of thought is Ninja Mind Mastery and is the number one way to create the life you want and live right now, in this moment and in peace.

Here then are three simple techniques that will help you begin to become the Ninja Master of your mind.

1. The Breath:

Take note of your physical body, wherever you might find yourself, and breathe in deeply. While you are breathing, let your body relax and feel the air as it expands your belly outward and then again as the air leaves your body, pay close attention. Repeat this process until you become conscious of your breath as the focus of your mind. The internal voice becomes silent…can you feel that?

2. The Iron Wall:

Picture your mind as a space that exists inside your head. A cavity that fills the entire inside of your skull from your ears upward. Imagine that in this cavity you can see every thought that enters your mind’s space and watch these thoughts as they pass from the external ear, through this cavity and out the opposite ear. Send a though across this chasm now and watch it move in your mind’s eye. Now imagine that you have an iron wall at each ear, a barricade that you can erect at will to block any thought from entering into your mind space. Visually put those walls up, observe your mind. Does a thought come through? Are there less of them and are they moving at a slower speed? Practice fortifying your iron walls and using them anytime. This is your Ninja armor to create and protect your inner peace.

3. The State of Nature:

When you are outside next or around any sort of organic life (I find trees & flowers to be wonderful examples) take a moment to take in this life-form. As you gaze upon this life, use your breath and iron wall techniques. Create a channel, a protected walkway between you and this beauty of nature. In this sacred, quiet state become one with this form, recognize yourself within it and acknowledge that you both come from the same source. Observe your mind through this process. What has taken place? Have you felt peace, calm or stillness of mind?

These are three techniques that I hope will help you connect more deeply to your infinite self and connect you back to the power of your soul which guides you on your life journey in the quiet of the mind.

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