A humanoid is essentially a general-purpose robot that looks a lot like a human person. Not by mere face only, but complete with a head, torso, arms, and legs. A humanoid can therefore walk, or even run like a person, and use its arms and hands to lift objects. At present, a lot of prototypes are being used for different functions. For instance, the Honda ASIMO can deliver coffee and politely shake hands with anyone. Or, the newly updated Twendy-One can prepare a club house sandwich for its masters.

Unfortunately, the current operating humanoids cannot do a whole lot of functions yet due to lack of research and technology. Scientists are bound, however, to discover the ins and outs of creatin 18g fully functional humanoids in the future. Sooner or later, humanoid robots will be better and stronger than ever, equipped with titanium endoskeletons and A.I.

That said, these robots can be used in many different ways. Perhaps the most beneficial would be in the battlefields, as they are practically made for such endeavor. Imagine troops of completely controllable and indestructible weapons of destruction marching towards enemy lines with massive handheld automatic machine guns and rocket launchers. Will we ever see humanoid army? With the rate our science and technology is going, this concept is definitely far from impossible. Here are the reasons why the countries’ leaders will most likely entertain the thought of replacing humans with humanoids as soldiers.

It’s technically the same, but entirely different

When it comes to wars, relying on a robot’s artificial intelligence is obviously very foolish. It takes years of experience and mastery to learn the art of war. Which is why the humanoid robots will not be equipped with artificial intelligence. Instead, well-trained soldiers will control all the robot’s actions using a control unit far from the battlefield. It’s like being there, but not physically. This invention is called telepresence; a person feels as though he is the robot by seeing through the robot’s eyes and controlling the robot’s body in accordance with his very own movements. This allows the soldier to put his human expertise to work, without putting his life in danger.

Soldiers carry weapons, humanoids are weapons

Humanoid robots do not eat, sleep and feel. Most of all, they do not feel pain. They are merciless killing machines that will not stop eliminating the enemy until the mission is complete. With their titanium 7bodies, they can walk through fire, stay underwater for hours, and survive in the coldest and hottest of temperatures without complaining. They are fully equipped with multiple weapons like machine guns, snipers, grenades and rocket launchers. They have night vision, infrared vision, and they have eyes in the front, back and sides using cameras with hi-tech features such as zoom and enemy detectors. Most importantly, they are indestructible.

You can’t put a price tag on safety

Undoubtedly, investing in hundreds, if not thousands, of humanoid soldiers will be extremely expensive. But if you think about it, this venture may actually be cost efficient in the long run, as the government wouldn’t have to spend that much for several years given the indestructibility of these robots. Further, because robots will be used, millions of soldiers’ lives will be saved. This is a chance to finally stop the terrible deaths caused by unjustly wars. GP

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