For what ever reason, my love life has hit rock bottom over the past two months. I’m a 54 year-old CEO, of a natural product web stores on the net for pets, a total dude and in great shape, with a savvy mind and a creative bent; so I can’t figure out why the ladies have given me such a hard time these past weeks and why I’m utterly dateless. Its been ages since a dry spell like this has happened for me. But lets not get out the violins just yet, and like a late season turnaround for the Yankees, I may pull something out of a hat yet and find a great girlfriend.

So what has this got to doa with Toltec wisdom and what the heck is it anyway and how does it relate? Well a friend of mine said I should read Mastery of Love – as a way to come to understand why I may be unsuccessful in relationships this summer essentially because I don’t know myself well enough. When you read the book, she said, you get to know why you are the way you are and what you can change about yourself to become more settled and attractive within yourself.

It’s essentially Toltec wisdom. Don Miguel Ruiz is a master of this wisdom. A kind of Yoda, in which teachings and practices and skills are handed down  along a single family lineage. In other words, his grandfather taught his father, who taught him and so on. You get my drift.

Toltec teachings come from ancient Mayan culture sprinkled with old world Mexican philosophy. The tradition is thousands of years old. The Toltecs were known throughout Mexico as men and women of knowledge. One interpretation of the word Toltec is artist. They considered the manner in which you lived your life as your art, thus the Toltec way was not a religion but more accurately a way of life.

The Toltecs teach that there is no way for us to change unless we have an awareness of how we create our own unique perception of the world. Their description of us as human beings is that the mind is alive and one of its main purposes is to dream. They say that we are dreaming twenty-four hours a day and what we dream through is a filter of our beliefs about everything.

So where the rubber hits the road is that you really have to get the idea that as you grow up you become influenced by many, many different prejudices and deep seated beliefs that come upon you and shape your personality — and often wounding you significantly — this is normal. They are subtle, quiet and they create the unique you. If you learn about how you have become wounded and how this influenced your behavior in life then boom! You are now in a better position to understanding Toltec teachings, and thus you are now more able to learn how to love and ultimately evolve and move a relationship

For sure not everyone subscribes to this line of thinking. Its just my opinion. But I somehow like how it might help me during the balance of August and on into September and the fall.

William Greenbaum hails from Ferndale, WA and Vancouver, B.C. He is an outdoor guy, avid sportsman, triathlete, cyclist, pet lover, poet, nature photographer and spiritualist. William’s passions in life are his kids, sports, the arts and business. He has been an entrepreneur all his life with three careers – reporter, theater producer and CEO. He is the Founder of All Pet Naturals — an alternative natural medicine company specializing in the pet industry, and providing pet owners with the finest holistic line of herbal and homeopathic remedies on the market today.

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