Advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence are slowly integrating into our daily lives. It’s not surprising that this integration is also reshaping different businesses.


When you consider the benefits that these technologies will bring and combine that with the concerns of cybersecurity in every industry, it will lead to many different tech-based roles in the future. Having the technical skills to fulfill these roles will ensure demand and higher wages.


Lead Web Developer

One of the top skills found to be profitable is not new by any means. Having a background in development is still one of the highest-paid skill sets. Companies are always looking to create an internal business app or produce software for clients.


With AI software emerging, web developers will be needed to provide solutions. They play a crucial role in not only helping produce solutions, but they also ensure that there are minimal delays and can help with any issues associated with production.


Depending on responsibilities, location and work experience, an average web developer salary for an engineer who plays a lead role could range between $$87,000-$164,000.


Cybersecurity And Information Security

With so many businesses now running applications in the cloud, the threat of cyber attacks have increased. This threat is only going to grow larger in the future as businesses rely on outsourcing their services and increasing their reliance on cloud providers.


The internal networks of businesses are also susceptible to a variety of attacks. It takes a skilled team of cybersecurity specialists to protect a business from these threats.


Information security skills are in high demand for businesses that want to ensure that their data is kept secure. An Information Security Manager can make between $120,000-$185,000, and a Chief Information Security Officer can make as much as $275,000.


Data Science

Many businesses are now using data science to make important decisions. Whether it’s solving and identifying inefficiencies in your business, deciding the best way to market your services or products or focusing on trends in your industry, it’s all determined by analyzing and utilizing big data.


This has increased the need for data scientists. The highest-paid salaries are earned by Data Scientists and Data Architects. A Data Scientist can expect to make between $130,000-$210,000. The average salary for Database Architects is in a range that’s between $145,000-$200,000.


According to Mondo, MongoDB continues to stay in the top position as being the highest demanded DBA skill.


Machine Learning

New to the tech industry, machine learning is slowly emerging as a skill that businesses are experimenting with. Solutions that use machine learning are slowly being uncovered in the field of AI and data analysis.


Services that use machine learning are only going to grow larger as businesses search for solutions. This skill is going to be a key requirement for businesses that want to stay innovative and competitive in the future.


Based on education and experience, a Machine Learning Scientist or a Machine Learning Engineer can expect to earn a salary that is between $168,000-$183,000 per year.


Business Application Development

For many years, businesses would rely on utilizing a few solutions from outside vendors when they needed to develop applications for their internal business. That trend is changing. Many businesses are now hiring Solution Architects who have the ability to create customized solutions.


The advantage of this type of development is that it provides a solution that is streamlined for the needs of the business. Applications will often require special customization and maintenance to be reliable. When a Solutions Architect is used, they are already familiar with the app since they created it.


The YoY Growth for a Solutions Architect is 28 percent, and a person in this field of work can expect to make between $134,000-$192,000. This is based on their coding ability, expertise and work experience.


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