5 Top New Years Resolutions – Choose Yours


Wikipedia has one of the finest descriptions of a New Year‘s resolution around.  A New Year‘s Resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous.” The New Year Resolution could also be to improve one of the neglected areas of your life that you now wish to bring to order. Such Changes or resolutions normally go into effect on New Year‘s Day” New Year‘s Day and remain until fulfilled or abandoned.

So how does one prepare these New Year Resolutions, commitments or lifestyle change decisions? What are the areas that one can make a new year resolve? Here are the top New Years resolutions on most peoples New Year List on the planet. It does feel good to know that you are not alone in the areas you want to change. These tips may seem to be simple but think of what a profound impact they can have on your life at almost zero cost.

Lose Weight

Is your New Year‘s resolution to lose weight? If so, you are not alone. Millions worldwide join you every New Year in the quest for a lean, fit body. Weight loss is top of the charts every new year but unfortunately few succeed. This is due to lot of misinformation and an active daily plan. Read up some good articles on weight loss and set your goal firmly. Do not expect miracles. Results will be visible only after a month or two of regular disciplined action. If you are serious about losing weight, you will lose weight.

Quit a Bad Habit

New Year is the time to reflect on your life and what sets you back from achieving success. Most people know and take responsibility for their failures. Bad habits such as smoking and drinking are one such area which is the focus for most during the New Year. It is very easy to quit altogether or to moderate it to an extent that such bad habits no longer affect your life. There are a good number of literature and support groups available to make you leave the bad habits behind during this New Year.

More Quality Time with Family

People are spending more time at work and less time with family friends and children. Many realize that their children have grown up too fast without them realizing or sharing in the joy of growth. Many a spouse realize romance and love has disappeared out of their lives due heavy work schedules. Spending quality time with family is perhaps one of the best New Year Resolution you can make. It is time we got back our life.

De-stress and Enjoy Life More

This New Year decide to work for a living and not live to work. Too much work and work related stress kills the joy and takes the fun out of life. Take a course on meditation, relax and take that long overdue holiday. Enjoy every moment of your life this new year.

Make Yourself Debt Free

The global financial crisis, millions of lost jobs, dwindling retirement benefits and runaway inflation are all adding to debts. Before one realizes debt hits you in a slowing economic conditions and reduction in jobs. But things are not very bleak if you take a grip on things with a good plan. This new year if you are in debt, you may resolve to re-organize your entire financial life. You may have to make many sacrifices but sooner you get your debts in control the better your future. Let this year be the year of becoming debt free or at the least getting them in control.

These top 5 New Year Resolution do not have any monetary involvement and are the least inexpensive to put in practice. In fact many of these new year tips could save a huge bundle. To achieve these new year goals are not only possible it’s do-able. Obstacles can be exciting and thrilling, or they can be turn-offs and excuses for failure. It is up to your own attitude.

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