How To Tune Into Your Spiritual Side
by: Jed McCall

The idea of a life coaches asking you to get in touch with your spiritual side is almost a cliché. Words like spirituality, peace and harmony are said so many times they begin to lose their meaning. This is such a tragedy when we consider the rich history of spiritual philosophy across the ages. First, let us consider what exactly we mean by spirituality.

Despite its monastic origins, spirituality is not just a religious idea. We can define anybody who is getting in touch with their spiritual side to be anyone who believes in gaining knowledge, growing and developing within. The spiritual person is keenly self aware to the point of exactitude. The spiritual individual is able to examine their strengths and weaknesses with honesty and without anxiety. If you are spiritual you accept yourself as unique, capable, flawed, and yet incomplete. Because the perfect person does not exist, spiritual people are not anxious about their imperfections; they are comfortable in their own skin.

We associate spirituality as a state of harmony with the world. People who are spiritual tend to see themselves as part of the bigger picture. They are happy in the presence of others; they are happy being with themselves. Spirituality can mean different things to people of different faiths. But the essence of spirituality remains the same for all people of the world – a sense of contentment with their position in the world.

Life coaching can enable you to access your spirituality. When you are feeling spiritual, you can handle pretty much anything. Someone with a keen spiritual side is able to draw strength from any situation or event. You should think of spirituality as the treasure chest of all that is good and vibrant about you. It is, therefore, imperative to be spiritual if you desire any level of personal success. People who are spiritual take a philosophical attitude to things such as change, for they understand that change is essential for growth and development.

The spiritual individual is keenly optimistic and yet realistic. Being spiritual involves getting the balance right between their hopes and desires and skill sets and abilities. As a spiritual individual, you will not become disheartened with negative self appraisal; instead you will see it as an opportunity to improve.

Therefore, develop optimism – optimists are self-disciplined and persistent in what they want to achieve in their life. Optimists plan and take action to move forward. They constantly learn about how to get better at their skills. Their self-confidence helps them to look for solutions and leads them to success in their goals. If you are pessimistic it is time you shed your pessimistic attitude and develop optimism in its place. There is no place in the world of success for negative attitudes. Think about what you can do rather than what you cannot.

So, how can you tell how spiritual you are as an individual. The following exercise will help you to assess this. Another strategy which can help is to write down the worst possible result on one side of a piece of paper, and the best possible result on the other. The worst result of losing a job, for instance, might be, ‘I’ll be unemployed for the rest of my life.’ The best might be, ‘My next job will make me a millionaire.’ It’s common to focus on the worst possibility, but the best possibility may be equally likely.

End by writing down in the middle of the paper the real likely future: ‘I’ll look for another job. It may take a while, but in the end I’ll find something I’m happy with, or a business perhaps’ Now leave the paper alone and come back to it after 30 mins. With a fresh pair of eyes, look at what you have written and assess how dramatic, realistic, pessimistic and/or optimistic it is.

You see the number one, key word to defining spirituality is – balance. As the above exercise probably demonstrated, maintaining balance is harder than it sounds. Cool, calm, rational decision making needs optimism as a counterweight. Becoming more spiritual is a long process, without an end. Meditation is one of the best ways to fuel your spiritual side, and there are lots of free guides out there, available on the internet. Once you have emptied your mind you can fill it up with what ever you want.

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