Carla Rueckert is most well known for the “Ra, Law of One” series that she channeled in the period from 1981 to 1985. In this series, a group soul that identified itself as Ra (allegedly the same Ra that is channeled by David Wilcock) gave a detailed and scientific overview of how consciousness evolves in the greater Universe. A summary of this Ra material was printed in the Spirit of Ma’at (see The Universe According to Ra). 

The author thanks Carla for extending him the trust to permit him to conduct this unusual interview with Q’uo, a multidimensional group soul, over the telephone. The author also thanks Jim McCarty for his assistance as scribe and helping to keep the energies grounded. This channeling was conducted on November 28, 2002, and transcribed by Terry Brown.

Wynn: How is one best able, from a spiritual perspective, to address the changes that the world will be going through?

Q’uo: We are those known to you as Q’uo and are aware of your query.

Firstly we would say that the physical manifestations of unrest, terrorism and war are what they are and are the natural outworking of the processes of graduation in which entities who have chosen service to self are attempting to graduate with the same devotion and focus with those who are attempting to graduate in the path of service to others.

The situations, we would suggest, are in the hands of all of those who understand and realize that they are systems of eternity who came here to learn and to serve and who wish to go on to learn and to serve, for that is the desire of the upward spiraling of selves of each entity and each atom that exists within the physical and metaphysical universes.

We would suggest that the self be attentive. The responsibility of the open heart is to love unconditionally that which is seen, and to see everything and every person as yourself or a part of yourself. In times of disquiet and conflict, entities are offered a sharpened opportunity to behold the shadow portion of the self: the wolf that bites at the heart.

This forthcoming year may contain disquiet. We can only encourage you to choose opening the arsenal of inner and outer gifts towards the Third Density (see Glossary) situation, finding ways to respond appropriately in service to others as inspired.

With this concern reduced to that which is its actual nature — that is, that which can only be effected positively, by knowing all is well, or negatively, by worry — the concern can then be turned to that which is the true business of this hour, this year, and in the decade to come, and that is aiding the planet itself and aiding the self and other selves to achieve the ability to enjoy an increased density of the light energy that is now flooding your physical sphere.

The nature of that one is change, and it will become less and less possible for Third Density physical vehicles to dwell in that Light. Not because it is damaging to the physical body, but because the energy body is hardened, in a way, into a state of mind that is characteristic of Third Density and is connected with the concept of self-protection and survival.

The enjoyment of life of Fourth Density (see Glossary) is dependent upon being able to move into a state of consciousness in which all other selves are seen as Self and all crimes and achievements are seen as a portion of the Universal Self, and then to move that 180 degrees, to where the self is seen as all things and as the Creator. That unification of consciousness opens the self to loving and being loved in a way that the body loves itself, rather than the way entities who are separate units love each other. Each way is unique.

We do not presume Oneness at the physical level, but rather we suggest that, at the subconscious level, entities within Creation are already One, and therefore the process of moving from Third to Fourth Density, in part, consists of accepting the Oneness at a level which has moved into the belief and perception system of the entity. This biases the conscious entity toward retaining the attitude of Unconditional Love and outgoing radiance at times when there is a perceived threat.

St Francis of Assisi
St Francis of Assisi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The one known as Saint Francis of Assisi is said to have called the fire “sister fire” and the pain “brother pain,” seeing all things as qualities, as a portion of life. In each culture, there are stories of the realizations of unity.

We were speaking to concerns in a metaphysical sense of the upcoming year and we were placing out the enhanceability of those who remember the mechanism of the confusion that is covering the deeper essences of that which is occurring in the infinite plane of consciousness.

We would suggest that the coming year is one in which there is an occurrence that is ongoing and cyclical within that ongoing unity, which is as if there were a ratcheting up of the density actually experienced by those among the people at this time.

These movements began long ago and are increasing in their frequency as the clockwise motions of planetary movement spiral this planetary sphere into the vibrations of force related to time/space and space/time (see Glossary). The mismatch in vibrations between those who live and dwell within the Third Density, choice-making brain is increasing, and it is becoming more difficult to feel comfortable.

This experience of discomfort is markedly increased by the choice in gadgets of those among your peoples who are in service to self. These choices include your media and the various products of your people’s service-to-self intrigues. These two factors combine to offer to the Third Density entity a remarkably increased experience of rush, stress, uneasiness, or even depression.

For those who are awake, the mismatch has a different effect. The attempts to keep the Third Density heart open within incarnations are imperfect. However, the sheer desire to keep that Infinite Love flowing through the energy body has a tremendous impact upon the Time/Space (metaphysical) rather than the Space/Time (three-dimensional) universe. Within Time/Space, intentions and ideals are “things.” Consequently, even though the entity has been thoroughly imperfect in keeping the heart open, the intent, repeated and repeated without tiring, to return to a state of open heart allows the entity to respond to the Fourth Density portion of the vibration by seeking it. And in seeking, the entity moves into its needed next healing crisis.

Many times these crises are emotions and are expressed through what this instrument (see Glossary) would call “emotional conditions.” Many other times there is actual difficulty with the physical vehicle, or other effects which vary with the reaction of the individual to the increased density of life and the imbalances within that entity’s energy system.

The goal, then, is not perfection, but rather that sturdy returning and remembrance of Unconditional Love that is the nature of the One Infinite Creator; the remembrance that Nature permeates and builds the universe you are aware of, in all that you are not yet able to measure.

The very space that has so long been considered a vacuum is far more intensively packed with the Love and Light of the more Infinite Creator than are the atoms of what you perceive as matter.

Does this answer your query, my friend?

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