Why You Should Focus on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect


cause and effectWhile the law of attraction is a valuable law to learn its not the only universal law. The law of cause and effect is a powerful law to study. It’s the law of the thinking aware mind. I would rather focus my attention on the law of cause and effect.

When you are aware of the cause of a situation you can alter the cause to gain a new effect. However when all of your attention is on the effect you are stuck.

What’s happening in your life now that you don’t like?

Make a list of all the things which make you feel unhappy and stuck. After you have done this begin to take your mind back as if you are tracking a map of events and begin to examine what situations and action caused it to happen. When you do not know the cause you can never alter the outcome which is the effect.

Stop Fighting the Effect

You fight the effect when you focus on the end results. If you are ill discover what the cause of the illness is before you take chemicals that simply plaster the effect. What could be the cause of that illness? When you find it tackle it by altering the cause. The same is true of money. When you know what causes poverty you can change it at the root. The law of cause and effect puts you in charge of your actions as well as your view of the world. You are not victim but conscious creator. However by only focusing on the effect, and ignoring the cause, you deny your right to create more powerfully.

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