World renowned hypnotherapist, Steve G Jones, has created a new self help program called the Study of Chi. The program is designed to help individuals heal their mind, body and soul. That may seem like a tall order, but upon further investigation I actually determined that this program was not only developed by one of the world’s foremost experts on hypnosis, but it is actually based on some pretty sound principle111 (9)s.

The idea behind The Study of Chi is to teach individuals how to improve their overall health by accomplishing several things. The program teaches you how to balance thoughts and emotions, awaken, life force energy, boost energy, access your karma, and heal your mind body and soul with the power of chi. It is all based upon the theory that once you learn how to harness the power of life force from within you move to an elevated level of tranquility and peace.

The Study of Chi, with Steve G Jones is divided into four separate learning modules. Within these four modules Steve teaches everyday people how to awaken the chi within. Then, Steve teaches people how to use the inner chi to heal the body, mind and soul. Inner chi mastery is also taught, so you can balance your thoughts and emotions more effectively. In addition to this, you will also learn how to send your energy levels souring and how to access your karma to get all that you deserve.

What I found when investigating this program was that it has the ability to help you connect the mind and body. This may sound like a bunch of junk, but it bares mentioning that the connection of mind and body is actually vital to success. Think of it in simpler terms, if you are a highly intelligent individual, but lack adequate rest and nourishment your mind and body are not functioning at their peak. Essentially this is the same when the mind and body are disconnected, you could have all the potential in the world, but chances are good something is holding you back from succeeding or being entirely happy.

The Study of Chi can help people accomplish huge things, but at minimum it can significantly improve a person’s health. The principles taught in this program are not new or revolutionary. Steve G Jones merely teaches you how to make the mind body connection people have been making for thousands of year in civilizations world wide.

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