by Richard Blackstone

You don’t have to become a spiritual master to reap the benefits of enlightenment. It is your choice to let the light shine within you, but you cannot turn the light on if you are sleepwalking. It helps to be pointed in the direction of the light switch. It is your choice to turn it on. Whether you choose to turn it on or not is okay. It is your choice.

What we are all doing here on the planet is evolving. When you choose to turn the light on you evolve with a purpose you have consciously created. When you choose not to turn the light on, you still evolve but it is much slower and you are unaware of life’s purpose. Slower evolution happens because you are creating unconsciously from the hodgepodge of thoughts drawn from a belief system you developed by accepting the opinions of others as your own. Do you choose to continue living unconsciously and evolving at a slower pace, or do you choose to wake up and evolve with conscious choice? It is entirely up to you. It is your choice.

Out Of Body Experience

You are extremely important as an individual to what is happening to our planet as a whole.

There is a revolution coming and it is like nothing we have ever experienced in the past. We, as a global society, used to think the world was flat until someone sailed over the edge and discovered another continent. A revolution of exploration ensued and changed the world. We used to make our tools and clothing by hand until we created machines and went through the Industrial Revolution. Our world was completely changed by industry and mass production. Now we are experiencing a revolution in communications, and we are entering a whole new era of global communications that is changing our entire world view.

None of these revolutions was brought about by the prevailing governments of the times. They were brought about by people like you and me, who were aware of the winds of change and made conscious choices about evolving.

The next revolution is coming and it is deeply mired in the evolution process. Some would even call it an “Evolution Revolution,” because it is going to be a major change in the basic ideas, thoughts and beliefs that we hold about the world and how we live and relate to each other as human beings occupying this planet. As with earlier revolutions, we cannot look to our governments or our so-called “leaders” to guide us through this revolution. They are sleepwalkers too. Unless they read this article and other books and articles like this one, they will be unaware of what is going on until they wake up to the groundswell of change that will come from people like you. If you choose for it to happen, it will. The choice is yours.

You are so important to the world right now and that’s why you need to be awake. That is why you created the fact that you are reading these words right now. Don’t take my word for it. You have done that before and look where that has gotten you. Taking the word of others as your truth has kept you sleepwalking.

Do these words have the ring of truth to them? Match these words to your own experiences and then decide if they help to define who you really are by using some of the concepts to make your own choices. If those choices include becoming aware and conscious in what you think, say and do, you are on the way to waking up. If you choose to wake yourself up, then you may want to wake others up too. We all need to be conscious for this new revolution to take place.

What you are going to find, as you become aware and awake, is that you have been missing out on one of the essential elements of the three-part being that you are. Most of us think that we are a body. Some of us think that we are a body and a mind. The people walking in awareness know that we are a beingness made up of body, mind and spirit.

It is our spirit side that we have suppressed and ignored in our sleepwalking state that, when exposed and glorified as we become awake, is what our world needs right now. A spiritual revolution is coming and you will experience the whys and wherefores of its importance as you awaken to your true authentic self.

Everything in life is a choice and every choice leads to an experience. Some experiences serve you and some do not. Waking up the spiritual aspect of your being serves you.


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