By Kristopher Raphael

A person may be a funny person, but unless they are expressing humor they are not being funny. A song is only beautiful when it is sung or played (expressed). Without expression its beauty cannot be heard. A woman or man may be intelligent, but they are only being intelligent when they are expressing intelligence. If you want more spiritual connection, you must express spirituality in your daily life.

What does it mean to express spirituality in your daily life? It means to act and live in alignment to your spiritual principles, to your Authentic Self. Your spiritual principles are personal to you and to where you are on your growth path. For one person it could be expressing love to one’s family or significant other. For another person it could be expressing their creativity, whatever that may be. For another, it could even be expressing themselves with integrity in the business world.

A common mistake people make on their spiritual path is to compartmentalize their spiritual life from their daily life. Your Soul has a need to express itself in form. You, the human personality, are the channel or vehicle it needs to express. Your Soul is unstructured energy. It has no form. The human personality is structured, it has form. By human personality I am referring to your mental, emotional and physical bodies. Thoughts, feelings and your physical body are structured. Your unstructured aspects of your Higher Self need the structure of the human personality to express in form. Your human personality is meant to take the unstructured Divine energy or essence of your Soul and express it through the structure of words, actions, and deeds in your daily life.


Meditation is a wonderful tool to open to the energy of your Higher Self, or Soul. However, unless you take what you receive in meditation and express it in your life, you have not completed the meditation. A few months ago I was speaking with a man who was having difficulties in his life. He was very dedicated to his spiritual path. He meditated with great discipline. The previous year he had completed a meditation retreat where he spent most of a week meditating 10 hours a day. He said the retreat was wonderful and he had never experienced such spiritual highs as he did at the retreat in the mountains. However, soon after returning home, his relationship problems got worse to the point to where he and his new wife decided to separate. He had always struggled financially and this too became more challenging. He asked me why this was so. Why couldn’t he experience the Spiritual Highs in his daily life that he had experienced while on a retreat?

I asked him how he was applying what he received in meditation to his daily life. He looked confused and said he didn’t understand. I asked him what he received in meditation. He said he received a lot of things. He said one thing he received was the feeling of incredible love and oneness. I then asked him if he had expressed that love and oneness to the people in his life. He said he hadn’t really thought about it. I asked him what else he got in meditation. He said he received the energy of abundance and unlimitedness. I asked him how he has applied that to his thoughts, beliefs and actions. I asked him if he had looked at his limiting beliefs and used the energy he received in meditation to break those beliefs. He said he hadn’t but he would try.

Such energies come from Divine aspects of Self. When you receive such energies in meditation, and you express them through your thoughts, feelings, words and actions, you bring the energy of Spirit down into your daily life. As you do so, you will find your spiritual connection increasing. It increases because you are doing what you are meant to do while in body. You are expressing the Divine through you. Don’t keep the Divine music of your Soul inside. Express it in your life in whatever form that expression may take. The more you bring Spirit through you and into your life, the more you will experience, not only spiritual connection in your life, but you will experience abundance, peace, love and the ultimate freedom.

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