Unity vs. Separation
by: Gwenneth Morgan

If you’ve been drawn in by my title, you most likely understand the concept of unity vs. separation. For those of you who stumbled upon these words accidentally, I will give a brief explanation.

Unity, as implied by the word, represents the unification of man in the understanding that we are all one, all connected. It is true. No matter what you call the force that gives you life, it is the same force that animates us all. We are all part of one greater whole.

Separation is what we have now in our world. A belief that we are all separate and disconnected from each other. A perception of life that implies we do not have to care for others (including the planet,) competition, what we want (or believe) is the most important thing, we must win (or be right) at all costs.

This negative and false perception of Separation is acting like a cancer in our societies. We see it in the way that people or groups are so quick to judge others negatively. We feel it when corporations or governments allow their controlling representatives to put their wants before the needs of the common employee or citizen. We pay for it when whole segments of a population cannot support themselves or when one culture decides to impose their views on another by force.

Some think this corrupt manifestation of Separation is really only prevalent in government, but that’s not so. It’s a deep-rooted symptom of misinterpretations and misunderstandings from long ago and it pervades every aspect of all of our lives. It’s in our thinking and is automatically handed down to our children. It’s in our customs, laws and taboos. Every thought, habit and behavior pattern that sets us apart from others creates Separation. It is so deeply ingrained in our whole human culture that it will be a huge task to literally shift that perception, but I do believe it is possible.

Before we can set about transforming separation, I think it’s important to be really clear about how it affects our lives every day. Truly, since it is so tied up with our cultures and who we are as humans, it’s not always easy to identify. Here are the biggies, you’ll note that they pretty much cover every aspect of life.

God. Believe it or not, even though every prophet has preached to the contrary, our understanding of God creates separation. Why? Because we all want to believe that our conclusions about God are the only true, Right, conclusions.

It can’t be. None of us knows the final answers and it is even quite possible that each of us will experience after death exactly what we expect. We could all be right! But, by imposing our beliefs on others, whether intentionally or not, we create separation. We create unease. We create tension and a situation where one is wrong and the other is right. We have a win-lose situation.

Country. We all love our country, and that’s good. We want the best for her and her people, which is also good. But, our love of country creates separation when a win for our country is a lose for another, whether intentionally or unintentionally. We create division when any country places its needs above those of another.

Nations can no longer view themselves as islands all alone in the world. Everything we do, as nations, affects every other nation on the planet. It is truly unconscionable for any one nation put their agenda above the lives and needs of others and until all world leaders realize this, our path toward unity will be impeded. Whether we like it or not, we are an interdependent global community and it’s time we started acting like one.

Sex. It’s hard to believe in the 21st century, we still have sexual discrimination. It may not be as obvious as in the days when women couldn’t vote, but it’s still here in the way some men relate to women, the way some women relate to women, job inequality and laws about a woman’s right to choose. Today, we have even more sexual discrimination because gays and lesbians feel it quite regularly, too. Intolerance breeds resentment and separation on the deepest levels.

People need to realize that sex is a natural, healthy, restorative act that is literally important for us to engage in. I also think people need to realize that private decisions among consenting adults just aren’t anybody else’s business. In my opinion, all laws that have anything to say about such personal matters are an intrusion not just by the state, but also by religious beliefs which have no place in a country that is committed to religious freedom. The function of government and laws is to prohibit people from damaging others, not to protect an individual from beliefs that are not accepted by the whole.

Wealth. Those who have money don’t like to associate with those who don’t. Poor people think rich people are greedy bastards who must have stepped on a lot of toes to get rich. Those in the middle often times feel as thought they must choose between going for their dreams and living as their conscience dictates. Some sabotage themselves or give everything away in an effort to live a “moral” life while others are so disconnected from the Light that they feel they must amass and horde as much wealth as possible at all costs.

While there is an unending supply of abundance for all, not everyone has figured that out yet. Wealth is available to everyone who believes they deserve it. We all deserve it. There is more than enough for all of us.

By the same token, I believe those with wealth receive it by the grace of the whole. If it weren’t for employees and customers, no business would ever get off the ground. Those who reap the rewards and benefits of wealth, who also remember to pay something back out of fairness and true gratitude for their good fortune, foster unity and encourage their continued abundance.

Race. Anyone who thinks racism is a thing of the past is just not paying attention. If you’ve ever had a reaction to a person simply because of their race (be it Black, White, Arabic, Asian, whatever,) especially on a dark and lonely street, you have felt the effects of racism in your life.

Racism in a global society just doesn’t work. Great thinkers, leaders and enlightened individuals have emerged from every race represented on the planet. Take two people of different races and ask them the same questions about what’s right and wrong and you’ll find their answers to be pretty much the same. No one condones killing. Everyone wants to be safe, happy, healthy and free to pursue their own lives and interests.

We must remain mindful that every single person is just like us. They have hopes and dreams, they love and laugh and fear, just like we do. Just because they are different does not make them less than (or more than) you!

Intelligence. How many times have you heard someone complain about “stupid people?” This bothers me more and more as I realize that this is yet another form of Separation.

Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes. We tell our children that it’s ok to make mistakes, but the reality is, the world does not accept mistakes gracefully. Some people place a huge amount of stress on themselves to be “perfect” or above reproach, but they still make mistakes whether they realize it or not. Assuming stupidity as a first explanation for mistakes makes it impossible to feel compassion or understanding for the person who erred.

In any given situation there can be hundreds of explanations for why someone might act in a way that could be perceived as “stupid.” We must use compassion when trying to understand the motives of others. In most cases, people are really doing the best they can, even if it’s not actually their very best.

Certainty. In almost every case of separation listed above, the one common overriding factor is certainty. The certainly that one person, country or belief system is better or more Right than another will always create division and separation from others.

So how do you go about combating such a pervasive mindset?

It starts with you. That’s right. It’s the only way.

Already millions of people have become enlightened, that is they are aware of and working in accord with the Light. As their numbers grow we see exciting changes all around the world. People are putting their minds to solving huge social problems that have plagued mankind for thousands of years. They are setting a shining example of how unity can benefit the world.

What can you do? I don’t know. Do you have skills that you could put to use in the furtherment of mankind? Maybe you have scientific or technical skills. Maybe you have writing or speaking skills. Maybe you have organizational or networking skills. Maybe you’re still developing your greater skills, but if nothing else, you can shine Light on humanity by operating out of a place of unity. By accepting your fellow man and showing compassion, respect and understanding for even those who may be on the opposite side of the social spectrum from you.

Most importantly, stand apart from those who are still so steeped in separation that they know not what they do to themselves or society as a whole. You will know them by their negative attitude and their propensity to wallowing in “victim” thinking, as if others or the world are out to get them somehow. Catch yourself when you start to feel negative toward others, too. Try to imagine the situation from their point of view and be as respectful, understanding and compassionate as possible.

I have a friend who is fond of saying, “Sometimes you will be inconvenienced by some idiot on the road, other times you will be the idiot.” When we all realize that we all play all parts at some point during our lives, it is much easier to see where others simply have some growing to do.

About The Author

Gwenneth Morgan is a 40ish, Pagan wife, mother and businesswoman who is totally fed up with the Old Way. With the belief that humans have evolved to a point where we can, as a group, embrace the Light, she has found the courage to openly share her views and encourage others to do the same. http://www.gwennethmorgan.com

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