Through the ages this emotion has always been expressed through giving. Giving is the spontaneous outgrowth of love. In order for love to transform the world, it must shine through our generosity. The sun, for example, is the heart of the solar system; it overflows with generosity and gives life to all by its constant outpouring of light and warmth. When we love something, we begin to resemble it. If we love art, music or  llanything, we may begin to acquire skills and talents in those areas.

This emotion awakens sleeping faculties, even genius. If you want to obtain anything of value in life, you must adore it, because love is the most magnetic force in existence. Mastery in any area of life is the fruit of this powerful emotion. The mysterious motive power at the core of human feeling is love. People tend to search for this emotion outside of their own being, and then wonder why they never find it. Our entire essence is made from pure loving essence, every cell is made from this and every single entity has been constructed from this essence.

Love does not exist outside of us, but within us. This is the ingredient which gives vitality to life. It is the driving force in human evolution. Within nature, this is the divine play of all elements and all creatures. In human relationships love is the rhythmic dance of giving and receiving, of balance and kind-hearted exchanges. Expressing goodwill and helpfulness liberates one from the prison of despair and loneliness. This ingredient is the most important element in any spiritual practice.

Without love, we cannot know the meaning and mystery of our self and our God self. Once a wise man said, begin your day with love, fill your day with love and end the day with love as this is the way to God-consciousness. This gives value to life and wealth without love is meaningless. This transforms us and gives us more abundant life. Most people go through life experiencing “lust” and interpret lust as love. Lust is but a temporary emotion, and love is what glues the cells together, and is everything that has been and that will ever be.

Love is the source of happiness and the more love we infuse into our labors, the more happiness we experience. The feeling of love in the heart is the origin of contentment in life, and love is the wellspring of human joy. Love is infinite power, heavenly joy and supreme happiness. The power to grown beyond pain and the power to forgive your self is in true essence the power of love. Love restores the wounded soul, as love is not an emotion it is the essence of all life.

The Author Beverley A Nowikow is a professional full time writer from South Africa. Beverley is passionate about African Safaris and wildlife and environmental issues. Beverley is also passionate labout medical sciences and alternative health resources. In addition Beverley is well read and interested in the esoteric sciences.

Beverley has a vast medical background as well as a background in African Safaris and wildlife. She is able to write on any subject matter.

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