As you know, selling isn’t easy. In today’s market of sophisticated buyers, it’s more difficult than ever.


Your team might be experiencing some sales exhaustion that has brought performance down. That’s OK. They need to be re-energized.


In this article, we’ll look at some powerful techniques that work like a charm in today’s market. They could be just what your team needs to bring the energy (and sales) back.


Let’s take a look.


  1. Relationship Selling


Features and benefits selling doesn’t work like it used to work. Today’s consumer wants to feel like you genuinely care about their problems, and that you want to solve them.


This is where relationship selling comes into play. It’s very difficult to sell a buyer on a new concept the first time you talk to them. But if it’s obvious that you care about their well-being and success, they’ll return to learn more as they process the value of your product before they buy.


True relationship selling creates long-term relationships that last for years.


  1. Storytelling


Telling a powerful story appeals to the emotions of a buyer. When you appeal to emotion, you’re likely to make the sale.


Have a team meeting where your sales team is required to come up with three different stories about how your product has helped a customer with a problem. Narrow down the stories based on merit in order to find the top two or three that are the most impactful.


Then, have your sales team start using those stories in their sales presentations. You’ll be amazed at how it will increase conversions.


  1. How to Negotiate


Negotiation can be tricky. But as someone wise once said, everything is negotiable.


Give your sales team a reasonable amount of negotiation power they can make on their own, before needing to consult up the ladder.


Buyers appreciate dealing with a seller who has the power to negotiate on their own, after the relationship is built. “I’ll have to consult my manager” is normally a deal killer.


  1. Selling After the Fact


The easiest customer to earn is the one that you’ve already earned. So much work goes into selling a customer for the first time. But after you’ve earned a customer’s trust, subsequent sales are much easier.


Teach your sales team to spend ample time on reaching out to past buyers, in order to find out what new solutions they might be looking for. Often, it’s the fastest way to a sale.


  1. Knowing When to Move On


Spending countless hours trying to reel in a new customer who always has a different excuse is a waste of resources. No matter how good your sales team’s negotiations training is, sometimes you just have to move on.


Some potential customers will never be sold.


Today’s Marketplace is Competitive


Selling in today’s market is tough. Buyers have a lot of options and not a lot of patience.


With these techniques, your sales team will achieve a higher level of success. 

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