Why Hell Is Breaking Loose in Your Life


all hell breaks looseI’m sure that you’ve heard the saying that “change is inevitable”, right? Some change is good and some can really be hell-ified (if there is such a word). Come on! Let’s be real about it. Hell is either breaking loose or has broken loose in your life. Usually, what happens is frustration creeps in and that progresses into asking why and then complaining, grief, anger and in some cases, depression slides in. Your hell maybe financial, family issues, relationship issues, business related, or just your ego getting the best of you. But we can all agree that it just doesn’t feel good at all.

It may seem as if nothing is going right or in the way in which you planned. You’re behind on bills and financial obligations and you cannot possibly see a way out of this mess. So, now what? What do you do? Do you stay in victim mode or do you pick yourself up and press your way through?

So many of us have asked the question of why is all hell breaking loose in my life? Well, this is my take on it that I’d like to call JaNee-ology:

  1. What is my involvement? I know that this is probably the absolute last question that you imagined me sharing as to why things are happening your life, but I have found that the majority of situations that have occurred in my life were connected to me in some kind of way. Be it my attitude, my thoughts, or my actions. Our mentality plays a huge role as to why things happen to us. The biggest challenge is acknowledging our personal involvement.
  1. Overcome-FearIt’s just a distraction. When hell is breaking loose in your life, it is a sign that the enemy and your ego see that you are growing and soaring and they don’t want you to succeed or go to the next level. They see that you are stepping outside of your comfort zone. They see that you are overpowering your fears. They see that you are making more money and they don’t want you to step into that realm of greater. Their job is to keep you in bondage. They want you to remain in that same ol’ box of fears and mediocrity because they see what God has in store for you and you are getting closer. So, they throw a curve ball your way in the form of a distraction to get you off course. This or these distractions are what make you say, “Maybe this ain’t (Yes, I said ain’t) the time to start my business. Maybe I should quit and go back to corporate America. Maybe it’s not time for me to write the book.” Oh and this is a common one: “Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn’t… ” No! This ain’t a sign that you shouldn’t. This is a sign that you should. Instead of stepping back, step up. See it as a sign that you are doing the right thing and you are on the right path because the devil and your ego see where God is taking you and they don’t want you to get there AT ALL.
  1. isprouting in concreteThis is how you develop resilience. It is when we have challenges that we really begin to see what we are made of. It is where we realize how much strength we have. It is during this time that we have to make the decision to play the hand that we are dealt or fold and throw in the towel. Those who stand and push their way through notice that they grow muscles of confidence. They realize that they are much stronger than they thought. You learn not only how to make it, but you learn how to soar and triumph in the midst of tribulation. You also learn how to dance in rain. So, dance…
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