classes-21In the martial art community, most instructors do not understand that the indiscriminate integration of combative considerations will, more frequently than not, lend to a practitioner’s demise. In fact, most of these same people do not understand the term let alone what the considerations of the combative process are. Initially, although ambiguous at best, you should simply think of the considerations as the “many aspects of the combative process”. Then, over time, you can work towards adopting the language and structure that will make the “aspects” less ambiguous. As an example, in the White Lotus System the considerations are segregated into two distinct categories; 1) Macro Considerations and 2) Micro Considerations. although you may not be familiar with the language, biomechanical positions, biomechanical actions, biomechanical presentations, techniques, tactics, and strategies are examples of macro considerations. Just like mental components, biomechanical components, distance components, timing components, and environmental components are examples of micro considerations.

Listen, you can’t change the universe, nor do you have control over universal law. You can not change cause and effect, nor will you ever have control over it. The good news is that you can change and be in control of, your circumstances. If there’s such a thing as a “Secret” or “The Secret” then this is it. The reality is simply this, methods of engaging in unarmed combat are created by integrating the considerations of the combative process. This integration process is referred to as creating an arrangement. Remember, universal law, cause and effect, simply dictate the outcome. There are arrangements that will lend to your demise and there are arrangements that will lend to your survival. No if’s, and’s, but’s, or maybes. All you have to do is make a choose. It’s suggested and we courage interested individuals to simple learn and conform to arrangements that will lend to their survival. This is the only reality based power you will ever possess. All other ideas associated with the attainment of control or power are delusional based. The training associated with what was discussed in these last two paragraphs represents another significant difference between the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat® and other forms of martial preparation.

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Brian K Leishman
Founder / White Lotus Educator
White Lotus Combat System

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