Spirituality Information: Action Stems From Your State of Being
by: Richard Blackstone

The action part of the thought, word, and deed creation equation takes us into the external world and deals with external time frames. We use our bodies and our senses to figure out what it takes to get the job done. If we don’t have the ability to persevere, many of our well-intended creations never get manifested. Especially in the world we live in where we have been conditioned to think that immediate gratification is a God-given right.

Our experience tells us that this is not so, but we have been told that this is so by the people on television who tell us that if we are hungry we can have ‘fast food’ right now. If we want to lose weight, we don’t have to diet and exercise, we can take a pill and lose weight right now. If we have eaten red meat all our lives and have clogged arteries, we can have an operation and fix it right now. If you are sick, take a pill. If you don’t feel good about yourself, drink some alcohol. If you want to get to heaven, give the tele-evangelist all of your money.

This is the way you manifest your desires when you live unconsciously, because the totality of your living experience is external. The action part of the creative process is using your body and external senses, but it is based on an internal guidance system. If you are creating consciously you understand that faith in the process and perseverance are part of the tools you need to possess to bring your creation to fruition.

The use of only our external senses to get by in this world is what allows for unconscious living. We are conscious of our sensory external world and we limit ourselves to that. With unconscious living that is enough because these external senses provide enough stimuli for us to make opinions and allow us to react.

It is only when we go beyond the limit of the five physical senses and delve into the realm of the non-sensical (that part of our being that doesn’t deal with the five senses) world that we come to understand the unbalanced life this produces. It all starts making sense.

How do you get to this nonsensical world? Well if it is not exterior to ourselves, then we must look inside ourselves.

Sense of Jesselton
Sense of Jesselton (Photo credit: zero5phh)

Only by going within can we begin to understand the authentic power we possess. A power that is not dependent on external stimuli. A power that is with us forever because it is part of the make up of our very being. External power is limited and temporary. As soon as a title or position, or money is removed from you, the power that came with it is removed from you. Authentic power is internal and part of you, so it can never be removed from you. You can, however, forget that you have it and this is what most of us have done.

We are so concerned and conditioned to view the world from an external point of view that we rarely think to go within. We are on a constant quest to conquer our external world and win the game of life.

The better we become at learning the rules the better we become at winning. With winning come the spoils of the battle, more money, more possessions and more power. Our thinking is that all this doingness will bring us happiness, when our reality tells us that all this doingness only brings us a feeling of being unfulfilled. In this external power game you are never done playing, and the goal of true happiness and peace remains elusive.

Only by going within do you find that you can be happy and at peace in an instant. When you go within, you understand that you need merely to choose to ‘be’ happy, and in this ‘beingness‘ you begin to ‘do’ happy things. Only by going within do you realize that “beingness creates doingness.” You begin to understand that the important question is not “what do I need to be doing?” The important question is “who do I choose to be.”


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