By Hermione Cruz

Women love flowers! Most women feel they are unappreciated so having someone give them flowers can boost their self-esteem. The flower is a perceptible symbol that someone values and appreciates them. Even with just a single flower with a note, any women would die to get one especially if there are others to witness. Flowers are very beautiful to look at and it gives out a nice scent which makes it more favorable than balloons or chocolates. Balloons are too bulky to bring and might even fly to the sky if not held on properly while there is a need to share your chocolates especially given at the office. Flowers are easy to bring and you do not have to share with anyone, they are all yours! It makes you more special too.


There are many reasons why women love flowers, check which one of these reasons you can relate to:

Traditional Symbol

The giving of flowers can be traced back in the 1700s when King Charles XII of Sweden introduced “the language of flowers” to Europe. This concept caught the hearts of the Europeans and began their conversations by exchanging different kinds of flowers. Books with meanings on different flowers were published to make it easier for everyone to know and understand.

Now, the new generation gives flowers to women to express their undying love to a woman. Not only that, it would also mean that the woman is special to them as they have allotted their precious time to choose very nice, beautiful and expensive flowers.

No calories and No Permanent Clutter left behind

Unlike chocolate that you only need to consume a little otherwise you will get fat, flowers make you more beautiful and loved. Chocolates or other sweets when given can add more calories therefore adding a few pounds making your belly bulge. You need to exercise a lot to burn off those calories. As for the flowers, the more flowers you get the more beautiful you seem you are. You will not fell guilty after receiving a lot of flowers contrary to eating too many chocolates.


If you want a woman to pay attention to you, give the women a bouquet of her favorite flowers. This will melt the lady’s heart. Woman loves attention too much that even minute things such as this can catch their attention. This would show her that even if you are not beside her, you are thinking of her when you picked the flowers.


Getting flowers make women more feminine. It means that the guy understands that as a woman you are vulnerable and delicate. A woman needs to be taken cared of with utmost care and as delicate and as fragile as any flower in the garden.


This is the best way to tell your woman how much you love her. A woman can tell that you are romantically in love with her and this is one way of showing her of your great affection.

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