We’ve all fe flt this way: There’s always someone else who seems completely in control and seems to manage every aspect of life with such skill. You ask yourself “Why can’t I be like that?” There were days when I would find myself late at night and have absolutely no idea what I had done that day. Everything just seemed like a blur and I went to bed feeling as though I had accomplished nothing. The very concept of time management just seems like another thing you don’t have time for, right? Why buy another day planner to gather dust on a table or a PDA that has no calendar entries and an endless to do list?

Inside your head you just keep screaming “no more,” but what is the alternative? How can any of us really take control and feel some sanity and sense of accomplishment in this information driven world? Understanding how to manage your time is essential in all business relations, school, home, and everyday life. Having the right tools can make it easy in time management, but having the right sense of empowerment and personal direction is critical in order to create a balance in all of the aspects of life which we must be able to manage in order to live a happy, productive and meaningful life.

You have the same 24 hours in the day as everyone else. It’s your time. It doesn’t belong to someone else so take possession of it now. When we talk about time management, we’re not really managing time. We’re managing ourselves. It’s not just about learning when to say no. It’s about learning how to say yes to the things that are important to you and give them the priority they deserve. Instead of scrambling to prioritize your schedule, you need to seize a new paradigm and schedule your priorities. Not every bit of information in this book is going to fix the exact needs of how you have chosen to live your life, bhut by adding context and some approaches to the way you manage your time you will find that you have enough hours in the day. You will find the success that you deserve and the sense of well being and peace of mind will be your biggest reward.

Time management is about self-mastery. The wind of time blows the same on us all. It’s how we accept that wind and allow ourselves to be moved by it that makes the difference between those who sail past all others and those who are dead in the water. Developing skills in time management is like learning how to set the sail of life in a way that creates the outcome you want, and by doing so you’ll always find the shores you seek.

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