Hi Ken, can you tell us a bit about your father’s book, and the story behind you publishing it?

Well he had written this book some time ago. He’s actually been writing for a long time. He’s never published anything. So I thought about self publishing for him. He had the manuscript in loose leaf. I had to take it and digitize it. It took some time, but I got it done.

WinterSoon3D250x250The novel “Winter Soon”, written by former professor David Michael Martin is an instant classic, with thrills and suspense – well done! How long did it take to write, edit, and publish?

The writing, I’m not sure. He has written quite a few things. When I finally got the manuscript from him, it took me several months to digitize, edit, and publish.

Was there a reason you went with JonRose Publishing in particular?

It’s my start-up self publishing company – named after my children.

“Winter Soon” seems well researched, were parts drawn from reality?

Very much so. Although it is a work of fiction. My father and his buddies would take a trip to Moosehead Bay in Maine each year. He was able to draw on his experience during those times and come up with a novel.

Each character has a great depth, and gets entangled in interesting ways, I particularly liked the character Byron Trask, the Lumber Company Executive. What was his inspiration?

He was simply invented as a focal point for the stories investigation.

Being a literary professor, there must have been great thought into the structure of the work itself. For instance, it seems to follow the three act play model, is that correct? What other subtleties about the way it was written could you share with us?

You’re correct. The story is centered around characters that depict a sensitive point of view, a pragmatist, and a free spirit. The investigation is hampered because of an affair with a woman in circumstances that dovetail into what really happened. And of course the pangs of conscience the main character is feeling over the death of the game warden prompts him to go back. This book really needs to be read through to understand and appreciate what good writing it is.

Where can we purchase a copy?
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