World Peace Begins With Me


English: Peace button - Web 2.0 style
English: Peace button – Web 2.0 style (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Is world peace possible? Right now, with all the angst in the world, it seems so far out of reach doesn’t it? But, peace is possible, one person at a time. Each of us has to live a life of peace by being peaceful and loving in our interactions with ourselves and each other. We have to be cooperative and compassionate rather than competitive and coercive if peace is going to prevail.

With each and every action we take as individuals, with each and every response or reaction we have, we emit certain energies that will add to peace or violence in our world. From interacting with family members who push our buttons, to how we treat that telemarketer who calls during dinner, we are putting out peaceful or not-so peaceful energy. How we act, respond, and behave towards others in any and all circumstances will show us if we are a champion for peace or someone who agitates and causes angst and anxiety around us. Are you a peaceful person?

If I say I am an advocate for world peace but then come home and kick my dog or yell at my mother or I am unkind to a stranger who was serving me, then I am being a hypocrite. My words are not consistent with my deeds. If I want world peace, then I must be peace in all that I say, be and do. I must live from that value of world peace and have it be my guiding principle for all that I say and do. I must be peace if I want to have peace.

Albert Einstein and other scientists have proven that everything is energy in some form or another. Physical attraction to someone shows us firsthand the power of energy between two people. When we have a gut feeling of liking or disliking someone it is an energy thing. Who we are, how we be, what we say and do has an effect on those around us and ultimately whether we as individuals are contributing to peace or not. Do we emit peaceful or warlike energy to those around us? Ask and be willing to listen to the answers. You may be surprised at how you come across to others. That is what matters. How do you impact and influence others? Are you a peaceful influence or are you someone who causes discord and unrest? Something to think about.

The World Peace Pagoda - Lumbini - Nepal
The World Peace Pagoda – Lumbini – Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If world peace is to be, then it is up to me. I must be willing to confront my own inner angst, anxiety and internal unrest and discover where I am not at peace within myself, before I can point the finger at anyone else. I must be willing to confront myself and my own wars within and find peaceful resolutions within myself before I can expect peaceful resolutions outside of myself. If peace is to be, than it is up to me in all that I think, feel, say and do. I must behave as a peaceful person behaves in order to inspire peace around me. There is no preaching. There is simply teaching by being an example of peace in all of my sayings and doings.

The Season for Non-violence, or The Season for Peace, as I like to refer to it, starts on Martin Luther King Jr.‘s, birthday in January and goes until the commemorative

Imagine Peace
Imagine Peace (Photo credit: Gúrkubóndinn)

date of when Gandhi was killed in April. The intention of this period from mid-January to April is for each of us as individuals to be peaceful in all of our behaviors, with ourselves as well as others. It is a period to reflect and assess how we can each be more peaceful in our communication and treatment of ourselves and others. It is a time to be mindful of being loving and peaceful in all that we say and do. The idea is that each of us has an impact in who we are being, how we are being and what we are doing and its effect on our relationships, community and the world at large. If we want to have peace in our communities and the entire world, than we must follow the examples of behaviors set forth by such great champions for peace as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Dali Lama. They have showed us through their actions that peaceful resolutions are possible and in the long run are more effective than aggressive war like approaches.

"Family Federation for World Peace and Un...
“Family Federation for World Peace and Unification”, in Toronto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How can we resolve conflicts with peaceful solutions? How can we get along with people we don’t agree with? How do we solve problems in partnership and cooperation with those whose values are different than ours, in a peaceful way that honors everyone involved? These are ideas to ponder and reflect on. We simply have to find better ways for dealing with conflicts and disagreements at a personal as well as national and global level if we are ever to transform our world into a peaceful one.

There are challenges and it may seem like an overwhelming proposition to consider but what if each and every one of us just took responsibility for being the peace we want to see and experience in the world? It seems so simple but it is a powerful start. One person can make a difference which inspires and affects another to change and take action to be more peaceful. Then what would be possible if our world leaders operated from such a position when negotiating differences? What could the world be like with such an approach? It starts with one person at a time. Let there be peace and let it begin with me.


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