You must excel in math for many reasons. Math by its very nature is a rigorous subject which conditions the mind to work more efficiently than it otherwise would. One of the reasons I teach my short-cut arithmetic techniques is so that people who learn them can exercise their brains regularly. Indeed such exercise not only stimulates the mind, but also helps keep your brain younger and less prone to degenerative diseases and decreased cognitive functioning. And there is no better brain stimxulation than that obtained while you navigate within the mathematical disciplines, trying to work and solve problems of myriad levels of difficulty.

Scientific research has shown that mental stimulation not only improves brain function but also fosters the growth of new neurons. In fact decreased mental function is not just the result of old age or disease but more likely the result of a person’s lack of mental exercise. Just as physical exercise promotes well-being for the body and mind, mental exercise has a direct impact on cognitive functioning. From a purely empirical viewpoint, this aspect is not hard to fathom: one need only consider the effect that practice has on one’s ability to play an instrument. Virtuosity comes from one’s continual plodding of the instrument in question. From continual practice, the virtuoso is pushing the brain to learn a task that was previously unattainable. Similarly, by doing purely mental calisthenics, one is in effect forcing the brain to create new neural pathways as well as alternative routes along already connected neuronal passageways.

To achieve such advantageous benefits, you need only do some mental arithmetic which requires some light mental strain. Try mastering any of my arithmetic techniques as laid out in my numerous articles or ebooks and performing these mental exercises regularly. And if you want your children to have huge advantages in life, teach these techniques to them and watch the positive benefits that result–not only in their school work and grades but in their own self-perceptions as well. Remember, if you want to be healthy in mind and body, you must excel in math.

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