Does your subconscious mind have the ability to communicate with you? Apparently, it does. It uses various channels to do so, such as intuition. Whenever we seek our subconscious to find help or guidance, we may experience a sudden urge, a hunch, or a flash of inspiration to solve a problem or to carry out some task. This is intuition at work.

Or you may find the solution in a dream. Or an image could just pop into your mind. And you know intuitively that these are messages meant for you

The subconscious mind uses the language of symbolism to communicate. Metaphors, music, and images are the symbolic channels that the subconscious mind works with. You will find that a lot of symbolic images will be communicated to you through your dreams. Dreaming is essential because not only is it an outlet for your inner tensions to be released, but it is also the state of mind when information that has been imprinted by you during the day into the subconscious is processed.

Your dreams can communicate a lot to you. You can analyze the contents of your dream with the help of your conscious mind. And if you find the symbolism still unclear, you can simply ask your subconscious to provide the meaning. You are bound to get some insights from this kind of contemplation. Or you could be guided intuitively towards reading certain books or talking to people and get the answers you are seeking through these sources. Each of us has unique methods or channels of getting messages from our subconscious mind. Some of them are auditory, some visual, while others are just feelings.

Many people receive their messages through a combination of external events and internal voices. Some people can deliberately program their subconscious in order to seek solutions through dreams or sudden flashes of intuition. Meditation has been used since time immemorial to both communicate and get feedback from the subconscious. In fact, the more you are able to get into a meditative state of mind, the more you will awaken your intuition.

The most effective way to engender communication from your subconscious is to be sensitive and receptive to everything around you, and have faith in your feelings and your internal voices.

Many people think that a highly developed intuition has something to do with being spiritual or unique. But that is not so. According to studies made on the techniques of making decisions by managers, it was found that 80 percent of them used their intuition, particularly when the decisions they made were complex or involved other people.

Most businesspeople, when asked how they go about making decisions for their business, say that they use gut feelings. Gut feelings are nothing but intuition. Intuition, therefore, should be a part of our process of evaluation everyday.

If you see that you have difficulty in coming to decisions, or the ones that you make are not adequate enough, it is most likely that you are not utilizing your mind’s intuitive powers to its fullest potential. This is when you need to listen to your subconscious mind more closely, and trust it. If you can accomplish this, you will find yourself making decisions that are not only more effective, but also make them faster.

Information is not processed the same way by the subconscious mind as it is by the conscious mind. And neither does it communicate the information like your conscious mind does. But, when you decide to trust it, you will find your subconscious mind processing information and communicating with you by providing intuitive ideas or solutions to your problems.

By Rita Putatunda


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