Multi-Tasking Leads to Small Business Procrastination

Have we become circus acts and taken on an apprenticeship as jugglers? Juggling responsibilities results in efficiency at the expense of a quality life for you and your

There is too much noise in the world. Finding the time to think, explore, and understand true quality is lost in the procrastination vacuum.

Studies have shown that multitasking is not good for the brain. To carry out tasks, we use different regions of the brain. The cross-functional system of multitasking leads to efficiency but little results. I think it’s time to tarnish the hero tag applied to those who multitask-juggling acts should be left to the circus.

To ensure you take action, understand quality, and overcome procrastination, think about each major segment in your life. I define these segments as business, relationships, and lifestyle.

Select one area of each on which you will concentrate for the next three months. Let’s forget dedication, focus, and power tools for one second. Instead, let’s explore quality and what you really want. The volume of information available in this age has ensured that your concentration span is getting shorter. It’s an exercise to flex the concentration muscles and receive greater rewards.

Let’s look at each segment and explore which ideas or concepts would provide you with greater quality and greater productivity over the next three months, thereby making a difference to your life.


Marketing: What are your customers’ pain points? How can you reach more people? What course can you take or company can you collaborate with to improve your marketing?

Business partners/joint ventures: What other experts are in your area? Can you join a mastermind? Can you provide value to another person in your field?

Creativity: Is your business static and lacking ideas and creativity? How can you resolve this?


Novelty: People are bored. Have you done something different with the people in your relationships in the last six months?

Connections: Are you consistent with communication to the people who matter the most in your life? Do you need to spend time rebuilding communication?
Conflict: Do you handle conflict with your family members well, or are there arguments over small, meaningless things that steal your energy? Can you work on conflict resolution?


Vibrant energy: This may be obvious, but have you implemented a diet and exercise plan to supply you with the energy you need to live an energetic, engaged life?

Is the dream of playing that instrument since you were a child still alive? Is it time to take it on?

Have you made a bucket list of places to see and started knocking them off the list?

Remember: Pick just one thing in each segment. Take it on with 100 percent focus, and forget the opportunity costs. Think how much better your life will be in three months. Then, do it all again.

What one area will you choose to master in the coming days and months?

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